Northern Shore Productions

What we do

Formed in 2004, Northern Shore Productions is a studio based Production and Development Company out of Franklin, TN and Scottsdale, AZ.

Developing, writing, producing, and managing a new breed of artists coming into their own in this new era is our passion and what we love to do. From rock to alternative, country to pop, folk to worship music, there is a wide range of artistry out there and we have all the ingredients. We work with the industry’s top engineers, session musicians, graphic designers, photographers, publicity and booking agents to not only create great music but give our artists a platform upon which to be heard. Given all of the changes that have redefined the music industry, it’s a great time to embrace the freedom of creating music.

Some of our most recent projects include The Frets, Caitlin Rushing, Soul Creed, Fall of Silence, Southernaire, Brooke Hatala, Jason Fowler, The Union of Sinners and Saints, Amanda Lynn Mabry, Cody Summer, Of Sea And Stone, Jacob Wallace, Kamryn Palmer, Jean Watson, David Britton, Lou Ruiz, Kelly Lynn Madison, Elizabeth South, Ida Maree, Jenna Torres, and I Am They.

With a creative independent and major label mindset, we have established major distribution partners through The Orchard, NAXOS, and Tunecore, both digitally and physically, and have partners in both TV and film in Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York.


At Northern Shore Productions, Artist Development is paramount. We thoroughly enjoy the process of working with people that are serious about taking their artistry to the next level.


When it comes to Record Production, our reputation is only as solid as the product we create. Because of this, we utilize the best engineers, studios, and players available in the industry.


Everything starts with a song. Our love and attention to songwriting and all that goes into the development of the song is crucial in our approach, from live performances, recording, and the true heart of an artist.

Billy Smiley


5 time Grammy-nominated and 26 time Dove-nominated artist/producer/songwriter based out of Nashville, Tennessee and Scottsdale, Arizona. His music production and songwriting is focused on rock, pop, country, contemporary christian, worship, r&b, and jazz. With a degree in Music Theory and Composition from Bethel College in South Bend, IN, and Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA. He currently works in his own studio facilities in Studio D at the Sound Kitchen Studios in Franklin, TN. soundkitchen.com






Northern Shore Productions